Leonardo DiCaprio to help #Manchester Council do carbon literacy…

Manchester City Council is planning to sit staff down to watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary ‘Before the Flood’, in order to kickstart their becalmed ‘carbon literacy’ efforts.

In a June 2017 paper “Carbon Literacy Training – options for staff roll out” three options for carbon literacy training are considered.  In relation to the third “Option C: Half day documentary film and half day face-to-face training” the author writes.

This option is the most innovative of the three and would start with a half day session including a screening of ‘Before the Flood’ which is a documentary about Climate Change starring Leonardo Di Caprio and then a discussion on the issues it raises (https://www.beforetheflood.com/about/). This would then be followed either immediately, or on a separate day, by a half day face-to-face training session. This option is likely to appeal to staff more than a full day of training or a combination of e-learning and face-to-face training and might also help to engage more sceptical staff. The main issue will be finding a venue with the appropriate facilities to screen the film on a television. The owners of the copyright to the film have already confirmed that there will be no additional licencing costs to screen the film as long as it is for training purposes. This is the option which HOME recently used for their Carbon Literacy Training.

This was indeed the option selected and at some point it will all happen.  But not until the Senior Management Team has done the training

“- SMT will need to complete the training and then champion it within their Departmental Management Teams.”

Well, at least as of September 2 that had not happened.  A FoIA has been submitted…

Of course, there are problems – for example

“The Council no longer has in house trainers who could deliver training so this option would probably require volunteers or defined placements, however, they would need to
be released for a significant amount of time from their substantive roles.”

Watch this space…


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