Pls tweet @AndyBurnhamGM abt his “Green” summit and ticketing

As part of his election manifesto in 2017 Andy Burnham promised a ‘Green Summit’.  It was pencilled in for late 2017, then pushed back to March 21 2018.  There was a “registration of interest” process, but the selection critera for who would get a Golden Ticket remain opaque.
Meanwhile though – this.  The conference is taking place on a Wednesday.  And three weeks and a day away from that date which will doubtless be a turning point in human history, people STILL don’t know if they have a ticket.  Some people, who aren’t retired or students, have to book annual leave, childcare or the like.

It is frankly symptomatic of the incompetence (and disdain in which the public is held) that we STILL don’t know who can come.  They have had a year to sort out an open and timely process that meets the needs of ordinary people. And they haven’t done it (are incapable? Indifferent?)

So anyway, I’ve tweeted this.  Feel free to join in if you like

Hello . People still don’t know whether they have tickets to yr “Green” Summit, on a work day, 3 weeks hence. Some need to book annual leave, arrange childcare etc. Are you happy with this level of consideration?


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  1. Stephen Pennells says:

    I must confess to not havin ghad this in my diary.  Am I missing summat or has it been kicked a few yrds down the road?  cf. Green Summit | Green Summit | GMCA | | | Green Summit | Green Summit | GMCA By GMCA Making Greater Manchester the greenest city region in the UK. | |


     If posting me packages , PLEASE mark on the outside ON THE FRONT : “If too big to go through the box leave with neighbours or in the porch”. Revised action from 19th. Dec 2017:

    Call on international lenders to suspend debt payments from Caribbean Islands devastated by hurricanes in rercent months: E-mail your MP asking them to challenge the pharmaceutical companies’ profiteering from publicly funded research which makes medicines unaffordable for the NHS and poor people worldwide: Tell Sainsburys not to ditch fairtrade: 

    Campaigning on various issues, primarily with: Jubilee Debt Campaign, Global Justice Manchester (we used to be WDM) and  Christian AidAnd with sympathy towards and taking actions with Action Aid, Avaaz, CAAT, CADU, CAFOD, FTF, Islamic Relief, MFoE,Oxfam, SPEAK, Tearfund, Traidcraft, War On Want…38 Degrees..

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