Mayor’s Green Summit – some golden ticket winners

They’ve known they were going to be putting on a summit for a year. They were supposed to do it late last year, but didn’t.  Now, a mere three weeks before the Big Day, some people have been told that they are privileged enough to have a ticket for the March 21 ‘Mayor’s Green Summit.

A MCFly reader has forwarded the letter (a portion of which is below).

Intrigued because no ‘you’re not coming’ letter had been received at MCFly towers, MCFly spoke to two other people who had applied and who are not – presumably – on the shit list.  And they hadn’t heard either.  One now can’t go anyway – this is what happens when busy people whose calendars fill up are not told one way or the other in good time.

Amusingly, the invites are non transferable, because they want a good mix of people. Like the incredibly white event in December 2016, “organised”by that incompetent joke known as the Steering Group.

Anyway,  once MCFly gets a yes or no (and it’s probably a no), an email full of questions about the process will be sent on to the organisers. And then, of course, ignored.

greenvomit letter

Further predictions will be made (some anonymously). But for now, this –


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