Protest abt #climate in #Manchester, this Friday, 12th October, #AlbertSquare

Gessen-GretaThunbergGreta Thunberg (interview) is a 15 year old schoolgirl from Sweden who went on a 2 week school strike prior to the Swedish elections in protest at her Governments failure to take adequate measures to deal with the crisis that faces our climate. She is continuing her protest outside the Swedish Parliament every Friday until the Government takes acts in line with the Paris climate recommendations.
In Greta’s own words:

“I will go on with the school strike. Every Friday as from now I will sit outside Swedish parliament untill Sweden is in lline with the Paris agreement. 
I urge all of you to do the same – sit outside your parliament or local government wherever you are – until your country is on safe a pathway to a below 2 degree warming target. 
Time is much shorter than we think. 
Failure means disaster. 
The changes required are enormous and we must all contribute in every part of our daily life. Especially us in the rich countries where no nation is doing nearly enough. 
The grown ups have failed us. 
And since most of them, including the press and the politicians, keep ignoring the situation, we must take action in to our own hands. Starting today. 
Everyone is welcome. Everyone is needed. 
Please join in.”
#GretaThunberg #climatestrike #schoolstrike #fridaysforfuture #FFF

This action is one of many actions taking place across Europe in solidarity with Greta and makes the same demands on our own Government.

If you wish to support Greta’s initiative then I invite you to join me (Allan Challenger – contact )   in Manchester outside the Town Hall in Albert Square this coming Friday 12th October from 11.30 to 1.30 pm. (We can decide together then where we best should sit or stand)


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