Things to know about Andy Burnham #GMGreenCity

You’ll hear a lot about and from Andy Burnham today. But possibly not this.

Andy Burnham says we all will have to reduce our #carbon footprints. Flies to/from Paris. Twice. #climate #Manchester

That was last year.  Recently, the Good Mayor was in Cannes, talking about how important climate action is.  So I tweeted to ask how he got there. No reply, of course, so had to resort to a Freedom of Information Act request.

Sent: 19 March 2019 09:33
To: Enquiries <>
Subject: FoIA re flights

Dear Sir/Madam

last November you kindly provided information about the flights of Andy Burnham and the lack of a policy about not flying.

Recently I saw that the Mayor had given a barnstorming and inspiring speech about the importance of climate action. In Cannes.  It’s great to see he has a Cannes-do attitude.

I asked Mr Burnham on Twitter how he got there and back, but for reasons that escape me, he declined to acknowledge the request for such basic information.

Therefore, using the far more time-consuming route, I am writing to you.

1) Please provide a list of all flights taken by the Mayor and by Alex Ganotis on GMCA business since the 22nd September 2018.

2) Please provide copies of correspondence where Mr Burnham asked his staff to investigate the lowest carbon dioxide means of international travel, and the replies he received, if such correspondence exists.

3) Is it still the case that no policy/protocol/guidance etc that is in place about their travel and the minimisation of carbon, and that it is all down to price/convenience?

Please provide me with a reference number for this request and the date by which I can expect a reply.

Please consider this a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000

Marc Hudson


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