Andy Burnham says we all will have to reduce our #carbon footprints. Flies to/from Paris. Twice. #climate #Manchester

So, we’re all going to be zero-carbon (whatever that means) by 2038. Because, you know, we have kids. The kids are so important. And leadership. Leadership is so important.

But we’re still going to, like, fly to Paris and back.

burnham flights

And we’re not going to have any policy about avoiding flying if possible. Here’s another part of the FOIA the above table came from. I asked

Any policy/protocol/guidance etc that is in place about their travel and the minimisation of carbon. Or is it all down to price?
GMCA: The information you are seeking is not held by the GMCA.

Laugh? I almost cried. Am just grateful I don’t have kids, because there is the mother of all shitstorms coming, and there is nothing we will do to protect them, prepare them.


Also worth a  laugh: The speech Andy didn’t give at the last Green Vomit.  Maybe next time…


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4 Responses to Andy Burnham says we all will have to reduce our #carbon footprints. Flies to/from Paris. Twice. #climate #Manchester

  1. calummcfarlane says:

    Who the **** is flying to the US, China, all over Europe, etc? It could almost be funny, if it wasn’t so ****ing tragic.

  2. kersten says:

    On examining the activities of those in important government positions , or running large businesses you will always find much traveling to meetings and flight is often chosen for the sake of speed. Move down the pyramid to Joe Blogs his work place is twenty miles away and he can’t walk so drive he must , I know what you’ll say let him take a motor bike or better still the bus. The trouble is buses are few and far between and motor bikes are cold at night. This is the way the world works so we have to be very careful when we point the finger of blame.

  3. Hi Kersten,
    the thing of it is this – does he intend to lead by example, or exhortation. If he took a first class on Eurostar (i have) he can get loads of work done). The bus thing doesn’t come into it, or the motorbike. Where there is a viable lower-carbon alternative, surely he should take it. Or do you not agree?

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