Interview with youth #climate striker Alex Davies #SchoolStrike4Climate #YouthStrike4Climate

Following on from interviews with Emma Greenwood, George Hassall and Ishaa Asim, Alex Davies, a Stockport Member of Youth Parliament 

alexdaviesWas today (the March 15th strike) bigger than you thought? What was your favourite thing about it? 
Whilst I was not at the strike in person, it was fantastic seeing how substantially bigger the turnout was than originally anticipated. In my opinion, the best aspect was the sheer number of young people who turned up in support of their futures; something I think is hard to do nowadays – it is great to see so many people take an interest in politics and their future.
When did you first start learning about climate change – was it in school, from your parents? Did Greta Thunberg have a part to play? 
I had learned parts in school, but have only recently gotten involved myself once I realised the potential catastrophic effect this could have on my future – and how those calling the shots will be the people living with the consequences of it. Greta Thunberg also fuelled this – I watched her speech and was enthralled by her knowledge and passion in changing her future. As a Member of Youth Parliament, it led me to think that I could be doing more as climate change will affect not just me, but my constituents and everyone. Climate change is the biggest threat to society; yet for the most part, politicians are sitting on their hands, leaving us to suffer with the consequences in years to come.
This is the tricky one – what sort of help/advice/support would you like from your parents, existing activists, adults? How is that best offered (I call it the POG problem – “Piss Off Grandpa/Grandma”) 
 It can understand that it may be hard to ascertain what we do that contributes to pollution, and it is completely understandable that trying to have a low impact on the carbon footprint is difficult; but this is why we need to start now – before it is too late to even have this decision. We need unity in our effort to secure a safer future; we need you to stand by us in our aim to improve our lives.
Anything else you’d like to say? 
I would like to thank anyone who attended – unfortunately, I could not make it due to illness, but I hope to be at the next strike! I implore Members of Parliament, Members of Youth Parliament, young people, councillors, mayors and everyone to support these strikes. We’re trying to ensure a safe future for us all.

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