Interview with a youth #climate activist: Imogen O’Doherty #YouthStrike4Climate #Manchester

The next Youth Climate Strike is Friday 12th April, starting at St Peters’ Square, 12 noon.

Here’s the latest in a growing list of interviews with youth strikers, Imogen O’Doherty, aged 11.    We’re interested in all youth #climate voices, especially young women and BAME.

imogenHave you been on one or both of the Climate Strikes?  What was your favourite thing about it?

I have only taken part in one of the climate strikes. I liked the fact that so many people cared about our environment and how we treat it; I also liked it when everybody went onto the tram tracks to make themselves heard. It made me feel proud that children could make a difference.

When did you first start learning about climate change – was it in school, from your parents? Did Greta Thunberg have a part to play?

It was when I was in year 3 when I first became aware of climate change and what we could do to help. I think I just found out through the news. I also remember being on holiday and I was asking my parents questions about why it was so warm. I am now very aware of the situation. When I am older I want to be a conservationist so I can make a difference to the world.

More recently I have heard about Greta Thunberg and I watched a video of her talking about her views. It inspired me to do more to help the environment and take part in the climate strike .

What next – there’s the next Climate Strike on April 12, and then…?

At school I am part of an eco-group and we are hoping to set up a stall in the school summer fair to raise money for the school to pay for better recycling . We are also going to use a secluded area of land in the school field to make habitats for animals and insects : bug hotels , flowers for bees to pollinate and possibly hedgehog homes . Also, we are hoping to plant our own vegetables for the school meals instead of relying on shop bought items .

This is the tricky one – what sort of help/advice/support would you like from your parents, existing activists, adults? How is that best offered (I call it the POG problem – “Piss Off Grandpa/Grandma”)

I would like to have some more books about climate change inside libraries to teach people things they don’t already know . Also, I think adults should have strikes too and stand alongside children by striking against plastics , or striking by not going to work. Activists could encourage parents and children to ride bikes more often .

Anything else you’d like to say?

I also think that adults should give more talks to children to tell them about these problems .

A few days ago, I was down by the river Mersey and I saw a small island where birds , like ducks and Herons , and other water wildlife live . However , something wasn’t right : there were plastic bags , plastic wrappers , plastic bottles all around the island . It brought tears to my eyes when I saw this .

Me and my mum are planning to go back there with our litter pickers, fully equipped, to see how much plastic we can find and to tidy up the homes of many animals .

I think climate change isn’t the only important environmental issue . There is also plastic pollution , deforestation , poaching and many others .



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1 Response to Interview with a youth #climate activist: Imogen O’Doherty #YouthStrike4Climate #Manchester

  1. ianbodgerbrown says:

    Keep up Striking for the Planet, it’s the only one we’ve got. You have the support of many of us oldies, who tried in the past but not hard enough; keep up the good work.

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