Five Minute Friday #002 – Write to your MP abt Caroline Lucas’ parliamentary motion

This week’s 5 Minute Friday is to contact your MP and ask that s/he support this cross-party motion for the UK Government to declare a climate emergency and take measures to tackle it.

“That this House notes the stark warning from the world’s scientific community that there are just 12 years left to prevent 1.5 degrees warming; further notes that warming beyond 1.5 degrees represents a threat to the future of humanity, and that even warming limited to that level will wreak havoc upon the livelihoods of countless people across the world; acknowledges that the world is now experiencing a climate emergency and that an urgent and rapid global response is now necessary; welcomes the fact that solutions to the climate crisis are widely available including renewable technology, sustainable transport options and zero-carbon buildings; supports the decisions by more than 40 local authorities to pass motions declaring a climate emergency and setting net zero carbon emissions targets for their local areas; and calls on the Government to declare a climate emergency and to release the necessary funding, including to local authorities, to enact a green new deal that would rapidly decarbonise the entire UK economy.”

First – find out whether your MP has signed?

Get their contact details

Then Email 


The 12 years are ticking down and there has been no action from the government. Not only this but the UK’s shortfall against the UK’s legally binding Carbon Budgets has worsened.

I am sure you share my feelings of distress about this. When all of our futures are so gravely threatened such inaction is criminal.

I am writing to you as your constituent to ask that you please support Caroline Lucas’s cross-party motion calling for the UK Government to declare a UK wide climate emergency, to invest in a green new deal and rebuild and protect the natural world.

Yours sincerely




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