URGENT: #climate grief support network needed in #Manchester

Manchester needs a network of support for people who are dealing with the full horror and dread of climate change.

“Established” activists have mostly forgotten what it is like to be hit between the eyes by the likely impacts, the speed with which they are coming, and the disbelief that our “leaders” have been so inept.

Forget_future_BanxThere are a whole bunch of “new” people (many who have known about the issue in general terms for ages) who are being confronted by Greta Thunberg’s example, by the 2018 heatwave, the IPCC report, and now the David Attenborough documentary.

Some of them are able to cope by throwing themselves into activism, by surrounding themselves with other people who ‘get it’.  But not everyone can do that. Many people have jobs, caring responsibilities (children, parents), lack the finances or the physical capacity to do the stuff that helps you feel worthy and active (none of this above is a criticism of those who have been able to go to London!). Some people are dealing with family members who just don’t seem to care, or are actively hostile.

Already on the Climate Emergency Manchester contact form we have had someone expressing feelings of horror, helplessness and guilt.  We (Marc Hudson and Calum McFarlane) are expecting more.  Other organisations will surely experience the same.

If we do not find out ways to support these people effectively, in their grieving, and in taking action (if that’s what they want to do), then are we really working towards the world we want?  I think not.

This is a call out for all people who are

  • willing to share their experiences (anonymously if they like) of dealing with climate grief
  • willing to meet people who are going through it
  • willing to make materials that will help others
  • have suggestions for materials.
  • are willing to help build a grief resources page on Manchester Climate Monthly (on the explicit proviso that all materials are creative commons and can be shared elsewhere).

Please get in touch if you are one of those people. Please share this post. This stuff matters, it really does.


Also – and this will be a separate post –  there is a workshop on the evening of Weds 22nd May, 6.30 to 9, upstairs in The Royal Oak,   Chorlton M21 0BQ,


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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