#Climate change – an older person’s perspective

MCFly reporter Pippa Neill conducted an anonymous interview with an 85-year-old woman about her opinions on climate change.

1. What is your opinion on the climate crisis we are currently facing?
Television and reporting have made the world a much smaller place, we are more knowledgeable now than ever before about what is going on in the other side of the world, issues that we cannot ignore. It is not like we didn’t already know that climate change existed, but it has reached the point where it is impossible to ignore. The issue is getting worse and the world is getting smaller.

Age definitely has something to do with a lack of worry, but with young grandchildren it has reached the point where it is no longer the case that ignorance is bliss.

2. What do you think about the issue of waste that we are seeing?
There didn’t always used to be the waste there is today. Modern technology has made life easier, we can do things quicker and everything is built for convenience, but this has led to huge amounts of waste. During the War, when I was 10-years old, we had coupons to buy clothes and you were only allowed two ounces of sweets a week.
It was only really after the War, when my father started working for a plastic bag production company that we really starting using plastic packaging on the scale of today. As a consumer this was hugely exciting, but the Governments have always known, even then, that plastic would one day become problematic. Why do we no longer have milk in glass bottles and reusable wrappers, why is every piece of fruit in the supermarket wrapped in plastic packaging?

3. What do you think we should do about climate change?
I think the best way we can protest is by exercising our right to vote. In the recent local elections, I voted for the Green Party for the first time in my life. This was in some ways a protest against the Conservatives, but voting Green is not a wasted vote. They want to do something about the climate crisis while others are ignoring it, and right now this feels hugely important.


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