Epic incompetence from #Manchester Climate Change “Agency”, with bonus historical fudging

Manchester Climate Change “Agency” is a community interest company established by Manchester City Council.  Manchester City Council has spent over $400k on this organisation It has produced some glossy booklets.  There has been no independent assessment of it.

When it suits their purposes, the Council says that if you’ve got questions about how the “Agency” is spending money, you need to talk to the “Agency”. You can TRY talking to the Agency, but they will give you the run around. They cannot be FOIAed (1)

The Agency has failed,  since November 2018 to produce anything approaching an actual plan for the zero carbon adventure we are all supposed to be going on. Because reasons…

But now, on the City Council’s website there is finally a page, a mere 7 months after the declaration of a climate emergency, that talks about that climate emergency. It is written by the “independent” Climate Change “Agency.”

And it says

epica useless 1

and when you click on that link

mcca epical uselessness

Yeah. You can’t even arrange a page on your website.  No wonder the City achieved a 2.5 per cent reduction last year, instead of the 13 per cent target.  Bravo!

UPDATE: The 15 actions can be found elsewhere and will be discussed in due course.


That historical revisionism?

Earlier in the piece they claim

“But we haven’t suddenly woken up to this issue: in 2009, we played an integral role when residents, businesses and other organisations came together to produce the first ever climate change strategy for the city; Manchester: A Certain Future.”

Nope.  The sequence was this:

Manchester City Council promised, in early 2008, a consulted-upon climate strategy by the end of 2008.
They broke that promise and instead hired a London -based consultancy to write “A Call to Action”, released in January 2009
It was so utterly rubbish and offensive that activists (including myself) wrote “The Call to Real Action”, released in April 2009.

A Climate Change Action Plan was agreed in November 2009. A stakeholder steering group was set up. It was to have annual elections and host an annual day-long stakeholder conference so climate change could move beyond the Hulme-Chorlton-Didsbury triangle, and so ALL communities could be engaged and involved, learning from each other, sharing experiences and solutions..
Elections were never held. One day-long stakeholder conference was held in 2010. Two half day atrocities were held in 2012 and 2013. The conference was then unilaterally abolished by the second chair of the “steering” group.

The Manchester Climate Change Agency came along in 2015, after Councillors realised that they were going to need a better stab vest, more opaque and impressive-sounding.

The attempt to rewrite history is feeble, needy and frankly embarasinng.



(1) A cynic might say that the very reason the “Agency” was established was to be a more effective stab vest for the Council, one that was totally opaque.


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