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No future, for you and me. Or #Manchester, frankly.

Watch this video. It will put you in the mood. Fifty people met (let’s get the demographics out the way; 2/3rds male, mostly 40+ professionals and retireds. A grand total of two people of colour. “Pale, male and stale” a … Continue reading

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Video: All you need to now abt #climate science, in 85 seconds. With swearing.

From the Australian outfit that our beloved Rhodes Scholar* Tony Abbott tried to kill off. *I’m not joking. You may be as baffled as me as to how this is possible (was he dropped on his head aged 23?), but … Continue reading

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Santa Claus supports renewables… Merry Atheistmas, #Manchester #climate monthly readers

and this

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Climate Change, the musical!! (cartoon)

Hat-tip to Tree Alerts.

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American comedian Jon Stewart on climate change march, “global wobbling” etc #hilarious

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#Fracking hell and #Manchester – it turns out that you *could* make it up…

Some concerned citizens may have quickly scanned the story published earlier today, first of April,  “iGas get permission to frack in Albert Square, central Manchester,” and may have then contacted the relevant Council authorities (we couldn’t possibly know this) who … Continue reading

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#Climate and.. tambourines? Pop songs and the apocalypse…

Actually, there probably is something to be written about pop songs and the pending ecological debacle. But for now, this – Hat-tip to “Small Epiphanies.” Reminds me of the “water-wasting” bacchanal close to the end of the 50s Brit disaster … Continue reading

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“Plans are useless, planning indispensable” – pre-emptive mea culpa on #Manchester Climate Monthly’s missed targets

What Dwight (Eisenhower, that is) said. My other favourite quote – I think from von Clausewitz – is “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” Well, MCFly has been dishing it out – and then some – to organisations … Continue reading

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Video: “From Toy Story 3 to Noam #Chomsky” – #Manchester University students ranted at by #climate guy

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a debate in front of a bunch of second year Geography Students, on the theme of “Can Development End Poverty?” I spoke second…. There’s a Q and A session too, … Continue reading

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BBC Radio #Manchester and doing the “read the papers” thing

I was on this morning.  You can listen to it here – until Dec 17th or so. From 46:42  me on Mandela, fracking and Super-cockroaches And then from 1:20: 19 On the difficulties of being a Big Charity, and some … Continue reading

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