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Hitler learns climate change accelerating and unstoppable. Contains NSFW language…

Found this on the interwebs.  Hitler develops a potty mouth as the clip continues…

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IPCC scientist: “Is this microphone on” (Cartoon) #gallowshumour

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Hitler learns the #Manchester #Climate plan is closed to new signatories

The 2009 Climate Change Action Plan was supposed to be signed by a thousand organisations. These organisations were then supposed to write their own implementation plans. The Council was going to help them do this. Or the “Steering” “Group”… Over … Continue reading


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Newspaper reports that #climate change “still not terrifying enough”

This is roflmao, and all too true.  Low carbon culture, anyone?

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Dealing with#climate #denialists the “Temple of Doom” way…

And no, I don’t advocate this, or red buttons and exploding their heads either…

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#Climate and.. tambourines? Pop songs and the apocalypse…

Actually, there probably is something to be written about pop songs and the pending ecological debacle. But for now, this – Hat-tip to “Small Epiphanies.” Reminds me of the “water-wasting” bacchanal close to the end of the 50s Brit disaster … Continue reading

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All over #Manchester the lights are going out. Sort of.

Here’s the latest film. (There have been several others on this theme, and doubtless will be several more…)

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Upcoming Event: #Manchester “Steering” “Group” – ‘”Work” in “Progress”‘ networker Weds 5 March #ironictitles

Of course, the first date in your diary should be Tuesday 25th February from 6.30pm onwards for “Climate Action in Manchester – where next?” at the Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St (behind the Central Library). You will leave this … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council goes at #carbon literacy with all… lights… blazing. #epicfail

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Well, what’s the worth of 500 employees being carbon literate if… Someone recently left a comment that I’ve cherished ever since, comparing me to Woodward and Bernstein. Well, here’s another fine investigation, … Continue reading

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‘It’s Not Too Late To Reverse The Alarming Trend Of #Climate Change,’ Scientists Who Know It’s Too Late Announce @TheOnion

Original here.  Follow ’em on twitter. Kevin Anderson, are you reading this, hmm??

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