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Video: “From Toy Story 3 to Noam #Chomsky” – #Manchester University students ranted at by #climate guy

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a debate in front of a bunch of second year Geography Students, on the theme of “Can Development End Poverty?” I spoke second…. There’s a Q and A session too, … Continue reading

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Repost: Environmental protest group disbands in chaos after all members revealed to be undercover police

From this very reliable news source. Environmental protest group disbands in chaos: all members revealed to be undercover police Some officers struggled with the ‘convincingly blending in’ aspect of going undercover. A Dunstable based environmental protest group disbanded in chaos when … Continue reading


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New Co-op scandal flowers in #Manchester, unwittingly discovered by Manchester Evening News

In thirty years time,  we may very much care that mutualism had to be re-invented because of clowns running the Co-operative Bank into the arms of hedge funds. I don’t think we will be too worried about the crystal methodist … Continue reading

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Good News Saturday: #Manchester #graphene to trap man-made emissions #climate

Okay, the title of this post is mildly smutty click-bait. So sue me… Sir Richard Leese positively gushes about the economic potential of the wonder-material graphene (atom-thick sheets of carbon atoms; super-light, super-strong). Here’s a suggestion he hasn’t put forward … Continue reading

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Geographical miracle! #Manchester City Centre is now “south” Manchester #AfSL #epicfail

Like in that film “Inception”, Manchester’s geography is so fluid that an event called “Eco South Manchester” is held in… the Northern Quarter. After that triumph of re-branding, the award-winning charity “Action for Sustainable Living” might want to have a … Continue reading

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#climate cartoon – History repeats

Dark genius from Tom Toles. (Hat-tip to Sam)

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#Fracking perfectly safe claims local expert in #Balcombe

This, from newsthump, is very very funny. (I haven’t screengrabbed the whole article. It gets funnier…)

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#Tesco #Labour and #climate – every little helps? From #PrivateEye

Before I breach their copyright and get a letter from Lord Gnome’s learned friends (I believe it’s Peter Carter Ruck these days, yes?), I should point out that it’s a fantastic publication, Ian Hislop is an Adonis and you can … Continue reading

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Humour: Is economics a science? “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal” #brilliance

From here. Watch out though, some of the smbc cartoons are definitely nsfw…

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Humour @TheOnion – “Proud species commits suicide rather than be driven to extinction”

From the Onion. Last line is the best…

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