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Polar Bear Facepalm: Climate change off the curriculum, or “Species sticks fingers in ears, says LA-LA-LA”

The quote comes from the start of this article on the Guardian website. Hat-tip to Manchester Friends of the Earth‘s weekly digest. You can (and should!)  subscribe for free here.

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IMF boss Christine Lagarde gives future generations the finger

IMF boss Christine Lagarde was at Davos for the World Economic Forum this year.  In a q and a session she was asked about climate change implications.  She said…

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#Climate change a conspiracy? Denialists in denial about being denialists! #facepalmpolarbear #recursivefury

The text for this image is from here. Is it just me or does “Recursive Fury” sound like the Jean Claude van Damme movie that Jack Derrida never got to direct? I’m undecided…

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MCFly editors apologise to Steering Group and its entourage #Manchester #climate #acertainfuture

We were wrong. So, so wrong. We now understand that promising elections and then not holding them is a brilliant way of increasing credibility and trust with stakeholders. Anyone who thinks otherwise clearly has standards that are too exacting. When … Continue reading

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When Polar Bears attack in #Manchester!! (#climate monthly)

We have a photo of a polar bear doing a facepalm thing. We drag it out whenever we encounter something that is a jaw-dropping wtf. Here’s two in one go…

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“And the Oscar goes to…” No-car Oscars?!!!

Just in time for tonight’s Oscar awards! Carbusters is a magazine/website that “aims to serve as both an information source and a call to action, providing a full range of content from direct action skills to the latest research developments, … Continue reading

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Steering Group strikes again: “Stakeholder” “Conference” #epicfailing #Manchester #climate #farce #acertainfuture

Attention Conservation Notice: MCFly editors Marc Hudson and Arwa Aburawa have been banned – without any explanation – from attending a three and a half hour meeting that pretends to be a stakeholder conference.  Someone has forwarded the latest email … Continue reading

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Newsflash! “Siberian wind will strip away your layers of tawdry self-delusion, says Met Office”

The excellent and reliable news source the Daily Mash is warning of a new cold snap about to hit Britain! Batten down the (psychological) hatches, and be prepared to show true grit, we say… A BITING wind from the haunted, … Continue reading

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The Onion: “2012 Was Once Considered Hottest Year On Record, Man In 2024 Remembers Wistfully” #Manchester #acretinfuture

The American satirical newspaper “The Onion”  is essential reading.  Here’s a recent article (forgive them the ozone confusion, it’s still funny).  

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Scientific* study predicts 2016 #Manchester #climate conference will be 10 minutes long, in a pub

A peer-reviewed scientific study (1) has shown that a future city-wide climate conference will be ten minutes long, held in a favourite councillor wateringhole, and organised earlier in the afternoon via social media. The study’s author, Marc Hudson (BA, BSc, … Continue reading

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