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Video: Professor Kevin Anderson on fossil fuel subsidies, regime resistance and optimism

Second part of the recent interview with Professor Kevin Anderson, touching on (false) optimism, fossil fuel subsidies (IMF 5.3 trillion subsidies),  regime resistance and coping strategies. Lissa Johnson’s article about optimism. That Machiavelli quote – There is nothing more difficult … Continue reading

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Can the solutions for climate change help us fix poverty too?

Arwa Aburawa co-edited Manchester Climate Fortnightly from 2008 to 2010, and then Mancheste Climate Monthly from 2011 to mid-2013. After that her career kinda went down hill, and she now scrapes a living as … a producer for Al Jazeera’s … Continue reading

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Video: Brief History of Global Warming #bloomberg #slick, #climate #Manchester

This is just over 3 minutes, and very nicely done. If you have some denialist uncles (and don’t we all),then the fact that is by the business outfit Bloomberg (him what was mayor of New York) may make it harder … Continue reading

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Explaining #climate change in a #Manchester pub – of duvets, sailing ships and coal

Last night I got to do a ten minute “what is my research about” spiel at “PhD in the Pub.” It was followed by a slightly-less-than-20-minute q and a session (because I ‘donated’ some time from that to having folks … Continue reading

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Video of Prof Matthew Paterson’s “Cultural Politics of #Climate” seminar in #Manchester

Professor Matthew Paterson gave a seminar on “the Cultural Politics” of Climate Change at the University of Manchester. See also this interview conducted via email before the event. This was part of the Sustainable Consumption Institute‘s external seminar series. Here … Continue reading

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#Fracking in Lancashire video: #WeAreLancashire (repost)

Fracking 14 January 2015 Join us   Dear Marc For over three years local residents have been working hard to oppose fracking plans in Lancashire and we’ve been with them every step of the way. Last week we asked Lancashire … Continue reading

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Video: All you need to now abt #climate science, in 85 seconds. With swearing.

From the Australian outfit that our beloved Rhodes Scholar* Tony Abbott tried to kill off. *I’m not joking. You may be as baffled as me as to how this is possible (was he dropped on his head aged 23?), but … Continue reading

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Video: “doomed I tell you, all doomed!” #Manchester #climate #Malthus etc

So the following is theatre, and (a bit!) theatrical. The audience is second year students at University of Manchester. Their lecturer wanted a lively and staged (in every sense) debate between someone arguing that Malthus was wrong/there are no limits … Continue reading

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“Merchants of Doubt” co-author Naomi Oreskes interview – worth watching! (non- #Manchester)

Active doubt and denial campaigns are not the reason climate action in Manchester is so hopeless.  (This is in contrast to, say, Australia and the United States).  Here it’s down to other reasons, among which are – good old-fashioned bureaucratic … Continue reading

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Video: On climate change – causes, impacts for Manchester& increasing your political footprint

The brilliant ReelMcr folks interviewed me a couple of weeks ago at the Moss Side Community Allotment. Here’s the video. Comments welcome! And here is brilliantly useful feedback from one person – When discussing effects like droughts affecting grain crops … Continue reading

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