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Is a lower energy #climate event possible? Probably not. #MACF #Manchester

A low carbon future is going to be about a) doing things very differently. It’s going to be about b) keeping our commitments and about c) making sure that scarce resources are allocated according to plan. On tonight’s example, we’re … Continue reading


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Event Report: “Green Economy, Green Jobs” March 15th #Manchester #climate #makingenemiesforfunandprofit

Attention Conservation Notice: Two speakers take up LOTS of time and space in order to say, well, not very much at all. And this is how we are going to build a movement to challenge our species’ suicidal impulses?? Please … Continue reading

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Event Report: A game of one half – witnessed

Attention Conservation Notice: MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson makes it half-way through a day-long academic seminar about climate change and social movements before finally losing his rag and invoking the law of two feet. Not of interest to casual readers. Or … Continue reading

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Off-topic: Activists and Academics – thesis and antithesis?

Every so often invites from academics (for this seminar or that interview) land on the doormat at MCFly Towers. Or else we invite ourselves along to something that, although by and for academics should not be an “academic” subject. You … Continue reading

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