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Steering Group to hold elections!!!! Leaked documents spills the beans… #Manchester #climate #acretinfuture

So, we got hold of this below, an email sent to various worthies by Manchester City Council.  We’ve high-lighted the relevant bit.  Polish your CVs folks, those long-promised (and then disavowed/denied) elections may only be weeks (or months, or years) … Continue reading

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Steering Group chair role – applications extended to Friday 10th May

The role of chair of the Steering Group is up for grabs. We applied (mildly tongue-in-cheek; we think we would do a damn fine job, we also know we have not a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the gig).  … Continue reading

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MCFly co-editors in “Applying For Steering Group Chair role” shocker #Manchester #climate #acretinfuture

Sadly, the role of chair of the Stakeholder Steering Group has become vacant. We have decided to apply for it. There’s no money, it’s for the honour of the role (and the shoulder-rubbing-with-the-great-and-the-good). We have asked, repeatedly, who will be … Continue reading

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Musical chairs at the Steering Group #Manchester #Climate #acretinfuture

We here at MCFly will be submitting our CV (asking for job-share). Why not have a bash at it yourselves… Could you Chair Our Certain Future? The Steering Group for Manchester: A Certain Future is a group of voluntary stakeholders … Continue reading

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Steering Group Elections; Statement versus official minutes #Manchester #climate

A public commitment was made to hold elections to the “Stakeholder” Steering Group on climate change, all the way back in March 2012.  Details were going to be released in November 2012, so elections could be held at the March … Continue reading

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Businessman abt the “Stakeholder” “Conference” – “Help me tell industry this is not a giant waste of public money” #Manchester #climate

We just got this amazing comment from a local businessman, who has been involved in the “Manchester A Certain Future” process since last year. We at Manchester Climate Monthly have been asking questions about democracy and “process.” He is asking … Continue reading

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That “Stakeholder” “Conference” – a third account #Manchester #climate #macf2013

Roger Griffiths, a long-time MCFly reader and contributor, attended the recent “Stakeholder” “Conference.” In the third – and probably final – attendee account to be published on MCFly, he makes some very astute points.  Read on! Dear Marc, Sorry to … Continue reading

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