Steering Group Chair? A Multiple Choice quiz #manchester #climate #acretinfuture

The story so far; In March an advert was put out for someone to take over the unpaid role of Steering Group chair (#poisonedchalice).

At the time the original deadline closed only one entry (#MCFly #tongueincheek) had been received.

So the deadline was extended for a month and two more applications were received (#arm-twisting).

These other two were short-listed (#MCFlysnubbedandgutted), and interviews took place in the week beginning 20th May.

Since then? (#silence)

A couple of weeks ago we asked for an update – (#whassup?)

After two emails and a phone call (#exemplarytransparency #exemplaryresponsiveness) we were told “I will liaise with colleagues and either myself or Jonny will respond to your questions in due course.” (#fobbedoff)

So we thought we’d be pro-active…

Dear [officer],

we know how busy you are, so we thought we ‘d try to be helpful, and lay out the four (well, three and then we cheat) possible answers to the basic question of what has happened to the appointment process for a New Chair.

a) A candidate was offered the job when interviewed a month ago, and has accepted. In keeping with Manchester’s high-profile commitment to the Green (Growth) Agenda , the City Council’s Press Team have (sic) been trying to build an air of anticipation, hoping that national press would become interested by our waiting game. Sadly, this hasn’t quite worked out. Painful as it is to admit, Manchester Climate Monthly is the only media outlet that has been paying any attention whatsoever. We’re announcing the new chair tomorrow, and we’re giving the Didsbury East Bugle the scoop.

b) Unfortunately neither of the highly-qualified candidates who were offered the job a month ago felt able to devote the time to it that was needed. One told us “I only applied because you promised me you wouldn’t offer me the damn thing. This amount of arm-twisting is not humerous.” Therefore the Steering Group and Groundshirk have decided to boldly distribute the roles and responsibilities that would have been undertaken by chair among themselves. Manchester City Council looks forward to working with the Group to ensure a Greener and More Prosperous future for the city [cont page 94)

c) Sigh. Out to advert again. Don’t bother applying, Marc.

d) None of the above.

And with the time we have saved you,  could you contact the Steering Group admin people and ask them to explain why the page that used to host the Steering Group minutes – is now coming back “page not found”? And why the minutes are nowhere else to be found (by me at least) on the manchesterclimate.con website. #memoryhole?

Don’t worry though, months ago we downloaded the pdfs of all those wonderful productive meetings.   They made for highly entertaining reading.


About manchesterclimatemonthly

Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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