Leader of #Manchester Council, Richard Leese, has not completed “Carbon Literacy” training

As of two weeks ago* the Leader of Manchester City Council, Richard Leese, had still not completed any aspect of the “Carbon Literacy” training that he publicly launched over three years previously.

In November 2009 Manchester City Council’s Executive – which Leese led than as he does now – agreed a “Climate Change Action Plan” which included a goal that everyone who lived, worked or studied in Manchester would have a day’s “Carbon Literacy” training by the end of 2013.    This training was to include both an online and ‘face-to-face’ component

In October 2012 Leese spoke at the formal launch of “Manchester Carbon Literacy” in the Arndale shopping centre.

In late 2014 MCFly asked for a list of which councillors had and had not completed their training.  The Freedom of Information Act was of course flouted by the Council, and it was only in February 2016 that the information was finally forthcoming, after a complaint to the Information Commissioner.  There’s more to follow, but for now, this-

leesenotliterateThis information is current as of 16th February.  Maybe by some miracle the Leader has completed what he didn’t do over the last four years.

Maybe someone who goes to the latest lot of fig-leaf drivel – the “Manchester Strategy 2016-2025″ launch on Wednesday can ask him?


*And there is nowt on the “Leader’s Blog” to indicate he has undertaken carbon literacy training since then.

Next up – “The Executive of Manchester City Council and Carbon Literacy; It’s as bad as you’d expect”


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2 Responses to Leader of #Manchester Council, Richard Leese, has not completed “Carbon Literacy” training

  1. Dave Bishop says:

    Why am I not surprised by this? Surely, I should be surprised?

    Let me just check if I’m surprised … excuse me …

    No, I’m not surprised!

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