#Manchester City Council delivers ZERO carbon literacy training since June 2016, despite election promises

Manchester City Council made only two, failed, attempts to organise carbon literacy training for its own councillors in the second half of 2016. This is despite a firm pre-council-elections promise that they would ‘roll out training.”

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In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Council has revealed that NO training was completed, and only two sessions were planned. Both were cancelled, one on only 24 hours notice.

This is just how Manchester City Council rolls, unless it comes under intense and prolonged pressure (and even then, all you get is vague promises, which aren’t kept).. There is, given the status of Friends of the Earth and Green Party, and the joke that is the “Stakeholder” “Steering” “Group”, no prospect of change to that.

So it goes.



FoIA answers (questions in bold, answers in plain text.)

c) The dates of all carbon literacy training sessions for Councillors that have taken place since June 1st 2016, including the names of the attendees at each session.

No training sessions have taken place since 1st June 2016.

d) The dates of carbon literacy training that was scheduled but then cancelled, the reasons sessions were cancelled and the amount of notice given to those people who had expressed an interest in attending.

Carbon Literacy training sessions for Members were arranged for 12th and 26th July 2016. Members were invited to attend the session via email on 1st July 2016. The session on the 12th was cancelled as only one member attended the session. The session on the 26th was cancelled 24hrs before it was scheduled to take place as there were less than three members able to attend after one member cancelled. Due to the peer learning element of the training a minimum of three participants is required at each session. If sessions have less than three participants the trainer advises that they are unable to take place.


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