Richard Leese + Exec for Environment are not ‘carbon literate’ – #Manchester #climate debacle

In 2012 the leader of Manchester City Council, Richard Leese, spoke at the launch the ‘carbon literacy’ project at the Arndale Centre.

In 2016 the party he leads in Manchester, which holds 95 of the 96 council seats, went to the local authority election with a manifesto commitment.

labour nonsense-page001

On 3 January 2017 the Executive Member for the Environment, Rosa Battle, told a committee of councillors that she was taking personal charge of the roll-out of carbon literacy.  Both her predecessors in the role (Councillors Kate Chappell and Nigel Murphy had completed the training.

So, as of 30 December 2016  had either of them completed even one part of the training (there is an online component and a face-to-face component.


And here, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request,  is how the rest of the nine member Executive fairs.

Face to face


Both (i.e. “carbon literate”)


Richard Leese

(Leader since 1996)


Sue Murphy


Bernard Priest


Paul Andrews

Adult Health and Well-being


Sheila Newman

Children’s Services


Luthfur Rahman

Culture and Leisure


John Flanagan

Finance and Human Resources


Nigel Murphy

Neighbourhood Services


Rosa Battle





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