Manchester City Council ignores successful carbon training scheme

Manchester City Council has been promising to get its 96 councillors carbon literate for years now. Never manages it of course. Check out this video of a councillor complaining in mid- 2014 about what an omnishambles the whole process was.

So, when in January 2017 a representative of Northwards Housing told a committee of councillors that Northwards had managed to get all of its staff carbon literate, MCFly’s ears pricked up. And we sent a FoIA in. And here is part of the answer we got

1. Has the Council considered hiring Northwards Housing to do its internal training, since they managed to get all their staff carbon literate (320 of them). If not, why not?

No the Council has not considered hiring Northwards to deliver internal training as we have already delivered training to approx. 1000 members of staff and Councillors using other means.

Yeah.  so successful is the training that neither the Leader of the Council. nor the Executive Member for the Environment, nor 9 of the 10 of the ‘Strategic Management Team‘ has actually done the training.

How do they sleep?




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