Going through the “democratic” motions: a complaint about #Manchester Labour and #climate inaction

UPDATE:  The email I went to for complaints was only for officers’ behaviour.  It turns out you have to go here, download a pdf, fill it in (if you have the software to do that – elsewise presumably you have to print off, fill in by hand and then either scan and send or post). No word doc, no online form. How VERY VERY strange that the council should make it as difficult as legally possible to make a complaint.   Anyway, email sent to demserv@manchester.gov.uk this morning. No receipt/acknowledgement yet…

From previous experience, and seeing how others’ complaints have been dealt with, you know to expect nothing from the formal complaints process at Manchester City Council. About ten years ago a then-sitting Labour councillor forged a statement of mine and circulated it. Because she didn’t do it from her official email account, no crime was judged to have taken place.  It’s a racket, basically, with the people undertaking ‘investigations’ knowing full-well what outcomes will make their lords and masters happy.  Truth? Integrity? Yeah, right.

So, there’s actually no point in having sent this below (I have added hyperlinks), but I have done it anyway.  Because all our resistance is futile anyway, isn’t it?  Mario Savio, come back.

On Monday 26 November I wrote to all members of the Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee.  I got one automated response, and one human response (from Councillor Richard Kilpatrick).

I have had precisely zero communication from any other councillor since then, not even a ‘we will get back to you’ email.

The questions I raised are simple, basic, and important. They deserve more of an answer than being studiously ignored. This is contemptible behaviour, and you doubtless will tell me that the councillors have not broken any rules, that there is no guidance on how speedily replies should be made. Doubtless you’ll do what Lucy Powell did when trying not to answer straightforward questions, and point to how much case work this (wretched wretched) Tory government is creating, and how that has to be a priority.

In anticipation of these responses, this:

I think their behaviour brings the Council into disrepute, and lessens trust of the public in the job they are supposed to do as “scrutineers” of our lords and masters..

I want to know what you are going to do about it.

Yours sincerely

Marc Hudson


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2 Responses to Going through the “democratic” motions: a complaint about #Manchester Labour and #climate inaction

  1. Dave Bishop says:

    My experience, here in Chorlton, suggests that Labour councillors rarely respond to e-mails. Other members of this community report the same thing. I can’t help thinking that this is some sort of deliberate policy. Perhaps we environmentalists should do some sort of joint study (?)

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