Does #Manchester “Low Carbon Culture” Council support the #ClimateStrike?

On Friday thousands of children in the UK will go on strike from school because their parents are doing (less than) nothing about climate change, condemning them to an at-best grim future.  Ten years ago Manchester City Council said it would work with the people of Manchester to create a “low carbon culture.”

So, do they support children going on strike? Rumour reaches us that the Council has told schools that they must NOT allow absence for this purpose.  We’ve tweeted at the Executive Member for the Environment, Angeliki Stogia,


futile stogia tweet


who occasionally seems to have problems giving a speedy answer to requests for information.

We’ve also sent this FoIA, but won’t get a response for 20 working days. Still, that will be in good time for the March 15 strike, which will probably be bigger.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have heard a rumour that the City Council has instructed schools that they cannot give leave to students/parents for children to take part in the February 15 “climate strike”.
I am writing to request

  • all legal advice sought/received by the Council around this issue (including internal deliberations/discussions within the City Solicitor’s office, or whoever is responsible)
  • copies of all correspondence between schools and the City Council pertaining to the February 15 2019 “Climate Strike”.
  • copies of minutes of internal deliberations held by Council officers and elected members on the Executive about the stance of the City Council.
  • Given that the City Council has the goal to create a “low carbon culture” I am particularly interested to know if any officer or elected member suggested at any point that the City Council SUPPORT the strike.

Many thanks and Please consider this a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000


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