If it’s a #climate emergency, can we fly to Paris, Belfast & Brussels from #Manchester? (Spoiler – “no”)

Flying eh?  The number one thing that people and organisations can do to reduce their carbon footprint, basically.  And it really isn’t easy.  Some places are just hard to get to (Australia, USA, etc).

But Paris? Brussels?  Belfast? From Manchester? You’re kidding me, right?  You get on a train to London. You walk 800m. You get on  another train.  Bish bosh. Or you take a train a ferry. across the Mersey Irish Sea.

Now, perhaps the organisation you work for insists that you take the cheapest option, or simply doesn’t have a policy, and isn’t discussing having one. Ten years after proclaiming it will lead on climate change.

discussions about flying

Re: Request for Information – Reference Number: SOL/BCSBSD

And aviation, which doesn’t pay the real cost of the damage it does – it receives a subsidy from all the dead future generations – is usually the cheapest option. So it goes.

Still and all, if you are one of the leaders of your organisation – say either the former or present people charged with the Environment portfolio, surely you can put your foot down, insist on better thinking, and set a good example into the bargain?

flights of exec

Re: Request for Information – Reference Number: SOL/BCSBSD

And who knows, perhaps you could even just, you know, release this information as a matter of course, instead of creating aggravation all round by forcing citizens to resort to the bureaucratically costly Freedom of Information Act? Watch this space…



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2 Responses to If it’s a #climate emergency, can we fly to Paris, Belfast & Brussels from #Manchester? (Spoiler – “no”)

  1. Laura Collier says:

    Hi. Are you sure the ferry crossing the Irish Sea is cleaner? I’ve read recently that boats use the dregs of oil barrels and they certainly spew out a lot of black muck into the air. Genuine question. Just interested.

    • Hi Laura,
      cleaner is a relative term! Pretty much everything we do has pollution/side-effects. I will check into the carbon footprints of flights versus train/ferry to Belfast and get back to you (remind me if I don’t!). I can imagine electric ferries more easily than I can imagine electric passenger planes (and of course, the infrastructures around the planes/ferries and the generation/storage of the electricity has also to be thought of…)

      Hope you’re well!

      Best wishes

      Marc Hudson

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