#Manchester Scrutiny Committees, #climate and #elephantsintheroom

Stop right there.  Have you had your dose of PMT this week? If not, you should.  Click here, then come back.  This post will still be here once you’ve done your Civic Duty.

Right – next week there are five scrutiny committee meetings. They all happen at Manchester Town Hall.  Climate change is not on any of the agendas (but, we’re reliably informed, it may get some important mentions).  Below please find a graphic – hopefully a self-explanatory one.  The good news is, MCFly has some dead-keen graphic designers and illustrators, so in future the image will be easier on the eye…



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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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6 Responses to #Manchester Scrutiny Committees, #climate and #elephantsintheroom

  1. Ged says:

    With many of Manchester’s population living in fuel poverty, how can the local government encourage registered providers of social housing to go beyond the minimum legal requirement of energy saving (heating) retrofit (eg, Passivhaus), and create a new economic boom as a consequence?

  2. Ged says:

    How might the justice system be transformed to take account of the vulnerability of ecosystem services, and the cost for these be factored into way in which council funding is invested and allocated?

  3. Ged says:

    How might the council usefully invest in green spaces to mitigate the effects of welfare reform?

  4. Ged says:

    With some 150,000 residents in Manchester claiming benefits for health related conditions, the majority through respiratory problems, mobility issues and depression, when is our local authority going to raise the profile of non fossil fuel based transportation and invest in clear, clean and safe access on all major trunk routes into the city.
    Cyclist have been discriminated against by planners for too long, when are the planners going to stop putting lives at risk?

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